Old Barton


Human (Ulfen) Male, 62, Rogue/Ranger lvl 5.


Barton moved to Freeport many years ago after deciding to leave his homeland, Land of the Linhorn Kings. About 4 years ago Barton suffered a great lose when he found his daughter brutally murdered on The Docks. Barton was dismayed that none of the City Watch cared enough to help him. Eventually Barton was able to track down the killer and bring him to justice.

Barton decided that this should not happen to another person and decided to open “The Pirates Eye,” a pirate private investigator service 2 year ago. Barton was able to hire on a few hands and together they help others in Freeport in whatever service they are willing to pay for.

The Pirate’s eye is located at The Docks.

Rarely is Old Barton seen without the company of his faithful friend, Batatango.

Old Barton

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