Doctor Fitz “Suckerpunch” Handers


Human (Taldor), Male, 34, Mage/Spirit Healer level 3.


Doctor Fitz “Suckerpunch” Handers is cantankerous man with little bedside manner. He knows his medicine however and has saved many peoples lives. Doc Fitz gets his nickname by having to smack around many drunk patients to subdue them enough to treat them.

Doc Fitz owns and runs the Bloody Bandage, a small medical office in Scurvytown that barely manages to keep afloat.

Doc Fitz came to Freeport about 15 years ago and opened his small clinic in Scurytown. He may have bad bedside manner but he risks his life and sanity constantly to bring aid to those who need it. Many people hear bangs and explosions coming from his study on the second floor at night.

Doctor Fitz “Suckerpunch” Handers

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