Human (Varisian), Female, 18, Mage/Spirit Healer lvl 1.


Cordelia joined the crew of Camille’s Ire a year ago. When she first asked to come on board she was turned away and mentioned that it would be unwise to venture without her, for grave misfortune would befall the ship. Shortly after this ominous warning the ships ventures went bust and the treasure and several crewmen were lost to the sea. When the ship went back to port in Freeport, Cordelia was waiting at the dock with a smile on her face, “Permission to come aboard captain?” *Cordelia is enigmatic and speaks in riddles often times. She appears to be quite mad and talks to the air. One thing is for certain her ire brings misfortune to those who have wronged her.


Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Freeport wrathofzombie wrathofzombie