Broken Jaw Yurlga


Half Orc (Varissian), Female, 27, Warrior/Berserker 4.


Broken Jaw Yurlga has been with Old Barton for close to 20 years now ever since he came to Freeport. He caught the little street urchin attempting to pick his pocket, and rather than casting her aside or threatening her with violence, he took her in raised her as one of his own.

Yurlga is devoted to her father and was the only thing that kept Barton going after his daughter Julianna was killed. Yurlga also suffered through that difficult time for Julianna was truly her family.

Broken Jaw Yurlga works security and helps track down tougher cases for the Pirate’s Eye, although she prefers to stay near her father. Her nickname comes from the amount of broken jaws she has given at bar fights.
Broken Jaw Yurlga is so devoted to her father that she will go out of her way to destroy any who threatens him.

Broken Jaw Yurlga

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