Boisterous Kate


Human (Cheliax), Female, 16, Mage lvl 1.


Boisterous Kate is a free spirt, sometimes too free according to Old Barton. Kate has been working at the Pirate Eye for 1 year and and handles much of the paperwork and record keeping. Kate is great with people and her youthful looks and attractive manner put clients at ease.

Boisterous Kate is also a professional prostitute for Vymena “The Vice” and works there in her free hours gaining extra cash and knowledge for both Vymena and Old Barton. This arrangement suits both of them fine as they have both made money and brought those that wronged them to “justice.”
Boisterous Kate is very innocent despite her difficult childhood and has recently fallen in love with a strange man that neither Old Barton or Vymena approve of.

Boisterous Kate

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