Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Freeport

Boisterous Kate’s Journal- Second Entry- Some Give Chase and Some Go Missin’

Today started well enough for me. I got off early from The Bleeding Rose last night so I wasn’t sore and tired as seems to be usual.

Old Barton, Broken Jaw Yurlga, Cidney, Lady Doom (LayDi as I call her), and myself were in the office awaiting any news from the others about the mark we had been paid to track down.

Apparently a young man, who got too deep in debt gambling and became the indentured servant of a Miss Lorraine, shrugged off his chains and made his escape. Miss Lorraine came in and offered a pretty handsome pile of gold for the man’s recapture. However he could not be harmed or killed. We would get more than our fair share of trouble should that be the case.

Old Barton asked Dalia and Gored to hit up Scurvytown to look for the boy. A few people said he used to gamble in that area and may have holed up with some old friends. While them two were diving and slumming, Cleo and Krolemite were to go to The Lady, owned by the beautiful Vymena “The Vice”, where it was rumored the man used to haunt and gamble, and to satiate other thirsts, if you get my meaning.

Shortly after the clock chimed noon, Dalia and Gored showed up with the man in tow, covered in muck, bruises, and smelling of things worse than garbage. I think Barton tried to stifle a chuckle and ended up inhaling too much of his pipe smoke.

“Run into a little trouble did ya?”

Gored seemed to mumble something about wanting to break the boy and shuffled off to find food in the backroom. Dalia passed the boy off to Barton, who threw him in the cellar to be guarded by Batatango. The man started screaming as soon as he hit cellar floor, honestly who wouldn’t scream when a large silverback gorilla bears down on them? I’ll tell you a secret though, Botatango is a softy and likes to be pet and hugged… that is until Barton tells Botatango to kill or hurt someone, then he just gets down right nasty.

Old Barton and Dalia exchanged some words about the man’s fate and something about it being fair to return him. In the end Barton warned Dalia to not bite off moren’ she could chew and not get him involved.

The door flew open and Cleo and Krolemite stumbled in laughing, obviously slightly tipsy, and looking like they had the time of their lives. I must say that the difference between those two and Dalia and Gored was quite funny.

Barton told us that we were done for the day and to show up bright and early when Miss Lorraine would collect the boy and we would get our gold.

I was glad he was letting us go early I had a long client list at The Bleeding Rose and I wanted to get my first client over with, a lecherous old man suffering from a bad case of gout.

The Next Morning

Everyone showed up more or less sober and conscious the next morning ready for their pay, which went pretty smoothly considering the hired goons that Miss Lorraine brought with her. I’ve seen smaller mountains than these guys.

We whittled away a few hours playing some cards, Cleo managing to come out a head as always. Gored accused her of cheating, and she merely smiled and stated that, “the Gods worked in mysterious ways..” I’m not sure about Gods, but I don’t think Gored noticed her putting some cards back up her sleeve. Considering I got a 10% cut of what she won, I’m not complaining either.

Slightly after 10 in the morning the bell chimed as the door opened and a portly woman wearing a plain canvas dress with mousy brown hair and coal on her face and hands walked in.

She sat down and explained that 4 days ago her husband Thomas, a Longshoreman who works on The Docks, went missing in Scurvytown after his friend and fellow Longshoreman, Old Crow, parted ways after drinking.

Sadly it became apparent that she couldn’t afford our fees and began begging to serve as housekeeper in exchange for services. Barton showed his inner heart of gold by agreeing to investigate for 2 days to see if anything turned up.

After she departed, Barton became business like, “Alright you lumps, listen up! That woman needs our help, but I have a whole different reason for taking the job. There have been several other disappearances reported in Drac’s End, Scurvytown, The Docks, and Bloodsalt. We might be able to find something out and use it to help customers who can afford to pay us.

“Also there was a ganger attack in Scurvytown, some boys were hurt. I want some of you to go there and check it out. Might be some people looking to take revenge on these gangers and pay those with the info some money..

“I want you to split up into two teams to check this stuff out. Who’s going to The Docks to talk to other Longshoremen and who’s going to Scurytown?”

It was quickly decided that Dalia and Krolemite would head to The Docks and Cleo, Gored, and Lady Doom would travel to Scurvy Town to the Bloody Bandage to talk with the doctor treating the boys.

With that the group head out to find adventure.

To Be Continued….

Boisterous Kate’s Journal- First Entry

I’ve been asked by my boss, Old Barton, to begin keeping a journal of his business’s, The Pirate’s Eye, exploits and adventures. He believes I ought to put my education to use, seeing as how many people in Freeport can’t read, and that these stories may be interesting and exciting to those living on the mainland of the Inner Sea.

My name is Katie. I don’t know my last name since I was raised on the streets of Freeport. Most people call me Boisterous Kate. People say it’s because I have such an exuberant outlook on life. Old Barton says it’s because I’m a peppy pain in his ass.

I manage to make myself a decent living here in the City of Adventure by doing work for Old Barton, like this here journal, and I work for Tsain Tia at the Bleeding Rose in the Eastern District as a whore. Sometimes I get some good customers who know how to treat a girl while others are duffords who don’t how to handle a pistol, let alone their own equipment. As long as I get paid for screwin’, I can deal with it.

Hopefully the next entry will have something more exciting than just a whore rambling on about her life.

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